Frequently Asked Questions

We do local pick-up and delivery for $75 within 10 miles which covers both the pickup and delivering it back to you. Please contact us to schedule a pick-up of your equipment. Additional rates may apply outside of the 10 mile radius. 

We do service calls to your home or business. A service charge of $75 is applied to do any work on site in addition to parts and labor. Please contact us to get help with starting your equipment.

If your lawnmower or snowblower or other small engine equipment won’t start many times it is due to a dirty carburetor and it needs to be cleaned or replaced. If your lawnmower or snowblower was recently tuned up it could be that fuel was left in the carburetor in the off-season and has gummed up the carburetor. Please be sure that the fuel valve is open with clean fuel in the tank and your spark plug boot is securely attached to the spark plug. Also, please refer to the tips page to try and start your equipment. Also check the tips page for the proper storing of your equipment in the off-season. If you still can not get your equipment started  please contact us.

Yes, we purchase and recycle lawnmowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, generators and other equipment. We would be happy to take a look at your equipment and give you a fair price. We also sell refurbished and fully serviced quality lawnmowers,  snowblowers, generators and other equipment. If you are interested in purchasing or getting some tips on what to buy please contact us.

We guarantee all work. If we have recently worked on your equipment and performed a full service and it will not start we will work with you until the problem is solved. While this rarely happens, and sometimes other factors can contribute to a piece of equipment not running properly, we will troubleshoot the equipment over the phone and come do a service call to your home or place of business until you are satisfied. Please call us or send an email and we will get it resolved to your satisfaction.

The time to get your equipment back to you ranges from the same day to usually no more than a week. Sometimes a part may be ordered and is taking longer than usual, but most parts arrive within a few days.

My goal is to be full-service and to solve your problem as quickly as possible!